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Order “All Or Nothing” Now because as one of our dedicated fans graciously put it… “Awesome album! The song Bleed is absolutely KILLER! HAITZ is what Rock and Metal fans of all ages are looking for. With Influences from classic Rock Ozzy, Led Zepplin, with modern edge Alice-N-Chains, Metallica, Pantera etc… HAITZ brings forth a NU METAL Genre… ALL OR NOTHING is fantastic!..but almost Great”…


1. WHY
2. Bleed
3. Fallen
4. No Way Out
5. UP
6. Waiting For The Sun
7. Broken
8. Beverly Hills
9. Break
10. Animal

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HAITZ, We are Recording and Touring Artist. Our songs have been heard all around the world on radios, in hit tv shows and theme songs and A, B and Independent movies.

HAITZ brings to you a Variety of genres and sounds in our NU METAL Hard Rock and Funk Alternative style of Music and Powerful Poetic Vocals…

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